Glo Data Plan, Subscription Codes and Prices

Glo Data Plan, Subscription Codes and Prices

Glo data plans are the cheapest internet plans in Nigeria currently. The only set back is that Glo network is bad in some locations in Nigeria. The self acclaimed largest network data telecommunication company in Nigeria, Glo owned by Mike Adenuga has Updated Its data Data Subscription Plans, Packages Price and Duration in the year 2018. This article will provide you with complete Glo data plans for June 2018. Weekly and daily Glo data plan, Monthly Glo internet plans, Glo night data subscription, Glo weekend data bundles codes. They work on 3G and 4G devices. You can also use any of this plan on your Blackberry 10 devices you just have to simply change your APN to glosecure from



How to Check Glo Data Plans Balance.

Many people don’t know how to check there data Balance. If you are one of those people the you are in the right place, it just as simple as Dial *127*0# or *777*1*4*4# or text INFO to 127. The remaining volume of your Glo data plan will be displayed.

1.) Glo Daily and Weekly Data Plans.

i.) 10MB for N25: Dial *127*32# or text 32 to 127 to subscribe. Valid for 1 day.

Renewal and new sims will get 12.5MB for the same price.

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ii.) 22MB for N50 Naira: It is valid for a day (24 hours). Text 14 to 127 or dial *127*14# to subscribe to this plan.

iii.) 80MB for #100: Also valid for a day (24 hours). Text 51 to 127 or dial *127*51# to buy this plan.

iv.) 210MB for N200: This plan is valid for a five (5) days. 9mobile has a similar plan, but better because its validity period is a week (7 days).

To subscribe/Buy, text 56 to 127 or dial *127*56#.

v.) 800MB for N500: This plan is called Glo Big week data bundle and is valid for 14 days (2 weeks).

For renewal or new Sim cards, you will get 1GB for the same amount.

2.) Glo Monthly Data Plans

This category are valid for 30 days (a month)

i.) 1.6GB for N1000 Naira: You will get less than this on other network for the same price.

Dial *127*53# or text 53 to 127 to subscribe to this plan.

ii.) 3.65GB for N2000: Yeah, you see that right. You get 3.65GB worth of data for #2000.

Dial *127*55# or text 55 to 127.

iii.) 5.75GB for #2500: Dial *127*58# or text 58 to 127 to buy.

Renewal and new sims will get 7.2GB for the same price.

iv.) 7GB for N3000: Dial *127*54# or text 54 to 127 to opt in. Renewal and new sims will get 8.75GB for the same price.

v) 10GB for N4000: Dial *127*59# or text 59 to 127.

Renewal and new sims will get 12.5GB for the same price.

vi.) 12.5GB for N5000: Dial *127*2# or text 11 to 127.

vii.) 20GB for #8000 Naira: Dial *127*1# or text 12 to 127.

viii.) 26GB for #10,000: Dial *127*11# or text 15 to 127 to subscribe.

ix.) 42GB for #15,000: Dial *127*12# or text 16 to 127 to opt in.

x.) 50GB for 18,000 Naira: Dial *127*13# or text 17 to 127 to subscribe.

xi.) 63GB for 20,000 Naira: Dial *127*33# or text 33 to 127 to subscribe.

3.) Glo Night Internet Bundle.

i.) 1GB for N200 Naira: It is called 200 night plan. It is valid just for a Night and can only usable between (12am-5am).

To subscribe, text 60 to 127 or dial *127*60#.

4.) Glo Weekend/Evening Data Subscription.

i.) 3GB for N500 Naira: This plan is called TGIF plan and gives 3GB for just 500 naira. The 3GB data is valid for just 7 days. It works anytime on weekend days (12:00AM on Saturday – 11:59PM on Sunday), while only works from 12AM – 5AM on week days (Mon-Fri).

Text 61 to 127 or Dial *127*61# or *777*1*1*7*2#.

All these plan that are show here works perfectly well on 2G, 3G and 4G devices. Not only that, they work on Android, Modem and iOS.

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