How To Do Money Rituals In Nigeria

How To Do Money Rituals In Nigeria

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In Nigeria black magic is known as juju, and in Nigeria this was common in the 80s and 90s and it has potency till today. Black magic which is also known as voodoo or Juju comes from the traditional African religion. This includes blood money and spiritual attacks and lots more.

These has been done by different kinds of people. Some of these people have used or sacrifice the souls of their wives and children just to make money. Some used to sacrifice their friends, siblings, and even their parents just to make money. All these people that are sacrifice are killed mostly in the spiritually ram and the blood of whom was sacrifice will be converted into money.

The money will keep on coming as long as they can continue to perform human sacrifice to renewal of the voodoo (juju). Some rich men and young Boy in Nigeria are accused of this act. While some people go into black magic (juju) for protection and sometimes for fame.

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