How To Start Catfish Farming in Nigeria (E Manual)

How To Start Catfish Farming in Nigeria (E Manual)

Catfish is among the most common fish in Nigeria. The production of catfish in Nigeria based on current studies, it showed that catfish production, distribution and marketing are way lower than its demand.

The sad thing it is a lot of Nigerians, especially those who have an interest in agricultural related businesses, don’t have the ideal of the potentials of catfish farming in Nigeria. That is the main reason why we’ll be discussing how to start the profitable business of Catfish Farming in Nigeria, and the hidden opportunities it has. The profitability of catfish farming in Nigeria is very high this is because many Nigerian don’t know how to start the business. What we will are going to talk about in this post is all about catfish farming in Nigeria.

I know you would be asking yourself how much does it cost to start a fish farm because you have seen how those people who are doing it are making it big time. The amazing thing is that it is not that too expense we are going to talk that later on.

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Catfish Farming in Nigeria: Overview

First of all, you would agree that catfish is among one of the most commonly eaten fishes in homes, hotels, bars, joints, relaxation spots, and etc. May be you are out and you hear the word “point and kill” don’t squeeze your face wondering what it means. At joints, you could walk up to the fish bowl and point to a live (fresh) catfish you want killed and either used for Pepper-soup or just grilled and peppered.

Catfish business have made many Nigerian millionaire’s and lot of them didn’t really make deep research. The only thing that they are such about is that Catfish business can make they rich; and they went ahead and gave it their all, and now, their fish farming business is giving them millionaires of naira at the end of the year.

You can be different, as a Catfish farming enthusiast You can have an extra edge over your follow catfish competitions because you have the ’ Guide’ in the palm of your hands, which you can follow and check back on the instructions, or make some personnel extra extensive research on how to go about your business.

Main aim of a business man is taking his business to a higher level than surrounding competition, and that’s what this summarized guide aims to help you with. We are going to tell you what will help you pass you follow competition on how to state Catfish business in Nigeria.

Important questions you ask before you go on to start Catfish farming business in Nigeria are:

1. How much capital can I afford to start the business? (Capital would determine your starting scale – Small Scale or Large Scale.)

2.How many Catfish farmers are in my vicinity? (Knowing this would inevitably help you attach yourself for practical training, if you want, and would also help you determine the competition in your farm area.)

3. What is the demand for Catfish in my area? (Demand is not equal everywhere.)

4. Can I have the time to oversee the farm or do I need to employ a fish farmer? (You need to know for proper budgeting.)

5. What is Catfish farming’s ROI (Return on Investment.)

Catfish Farming in Nigeria: Required Facilities

Just like any other farming business in any location, to a start a Catfish farming business in Nigeria you must have some important fishing equipment on ground before, you can comfortably set up your farm and without those thing you can’t start.

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