How To Start Catfish Farming in Nigeria (E Manual)

The things that are needed are list below

1. Piece of Land:

You would need a piece of land to start your catfish farming business, but it all depends on what you can afford. If you are starting small, the all you need is a small scale Catfish farming business, then you can use a space as small as 1.5 square metres by 1.5 square meters. Then, if you have some extra cash to spare, especially since you’re starting small the more fishes you can rear; which also means the more returns you’re looking at, then you use half a plot of land or even a full plot.

2. Fish Ponds:

You can get a space or a land for yourself but construction of fish ponds, not very likely. You need to hire the service of a pond construction expert/engineer. It must be carefully set up and the plumbing works must be accurately connected. An error here might mean the beginning of the end of the business. You can use concrete or plastic ponds.

3. Overhead Tank:

The overhead tank is where the water reservoir for the fishes. The tank might have an independent borehole or it can share from your own domestic borehole (if it’s around your house). Using chemically treated water is not good for rearing healthy fishes.

4. Fingerlings:

There are lots of various recommended farms where you can get your fingerlings from. Through appropriate consultation with a farming experts or specialist in fingerlings, you can evaluate fingerlings. If possible, check from a few of the recommended farms before making a pick on stock of fingerlings as catfish fingerlings are of different breeds, and it is very important that as a catfish farmer, you take your time to identify fast growing and disease resistant breeds of fingerlings to ensure profitability in a Catfish venture.

NOTE; If everything works out the way you plan at first try, it’ll definitely be thanks to the knowledge you have about the business. If doesn’t, you can always try again and give it another shot because nobody can take away the knowledge of the business in your head. Attach yourself to a Catfish farm and work (for free if they’re not willing to pay). It is imperative you get trained for at least two to four months before setting up your farm

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