Richest Female Musicians In Nigeria And Their Net Worth

Richest Female Musicians In Nigeria And Their Net Worth

The Nigeria Music industry has grown rapidly, The music industry is indeed a business sector, and so far only a few have proven that they have mastered the art of not just making good music, but also making good money for themselves. Nigerian female musicians have gone places. They are almost as rich and as wealthy as their male counterparts. In actual fact, they are making waves just like any other musician across the globe. Today, we talked about the Nigerian music industry, to give you the top 10 richest female musicians in Nigeria and their worth this 2018.

Richest female musician in Nigeria 2018, many people has been searching for it because they are curious to know. in one of our post we talked about who the richest female musician in the world 2018 is. Note that the basis of calculating these top Nigerian female artists net worth is not just their musical career, but the deals and endorsement accrued to them.

In past times the Nigerian music arena was taken over by American musicians. However, Nigerian musicians have stepped up and they have snapped the market out of the fingers of their American counterparts. Many will argue who the most beautiful Nigeria female musician is but we are not here to talk about that. This post is about Nigeria female singers list.

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Searcher are also looking for who the top 10 richest islamic musician in Nigeria is, but that topic is for another time. Aside growing popular over the years, these female Nigerian musicians have also grown somewhat rich. Maybe they are not as rich as their American counterparts, but they are getting there. The richest male musician in Nigeria you can find it here in Writers has always write about who the Top 10 richest male musician in Nigeria This is why this write up has been dedicated to these Nigerian female musicians: to find out how rich they are. In this write-up, you will get to learn about the top 10 richest of Nigerian female musicians.

1. Tiwa Savage net worth $4.82 million


Tiwa Savage tops this list with a net worth of $4.82 million. She is not just a good singer with an incredible voice, but also a professional song writer. Her collaboration with Fantasia on the song “Collard Greens & Cornbread” bagged a Grammy nomination in 2012.

Tiwa Savage first debut single “Kele Kele Love” song made its way to the top of several Nigerian music charts. She is now signed to Mavin Record label and have songs like Love me, Eminado and My darling her music videos are doing very well on YouTube. She has performed in international shows and is also a brand ambassador to Maggi, Forte Oil, Pepsi and Konga. She is the richest female musician in Nigeria as she recently signed a multi-million dollar contract with Jay-z music record label.

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