Top Richest State In Nigeria 2018 and Their Gross Domestic Products

Top Richest State In Nigeria 2018 and Their Gross Domestic Products

Nigeria is among the richest country in Africa. Nigeria is a rich country, but the riches are not evenly spread across the entire states in the country, some states are richer than others. While some of this states are richer than  is because natural resources are found in some of them. Tax and commercial activities also contribute a great.quota to the riches of many states. In this post we are going to talk about the richest state in Nigeria and their GDP.

Before we go on to talk about who the richest states in the country is, it is worthy of note that some Nigeria states are really worthy to be the richest states in the world but for a canker-worm which has eaten into the fabrics of development of the country. What we mean by Canker-worm we are talking about the Corruption in Nigeria. the top 10 richest state in Nigeria 2018 list was released by NATIONAL BUREAU OF STATISTICS.

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Nigeria has 38 states in these the NATIONAL BUREAU OF STATISTICS has also released the poorest state in Nigeria 2018. I know many Nigeria don;t know who is the richest state is, if you are among those people i guess you are in the right place because we will bring the list of richest state in Nigeria .

The NATIONAL BUREAU OF STATISTICS measures the growth and how fast the economy of a state is growing. Some of these richest states can survive without the help of the Federal Government because the IGR is enough to cater for their needs.

Each of these state have their source of wealth, it can come from sectors like agriculture, sports and tourism. Most oil producing state are super rich since Nigeria is dependent on oil. Below are the list of the top 10 richest state in Nigeria.

Top 10 Richest State In Nigeria 2018 and Their Gross Domestic Products

Lagos State [$33.679 billion GDP]

Lagos state which is also known as “The Center of excellence” and also “Land of opportunity” is the first state on the list based on NATIONAL BUREAU OF STATISTICS list of top richest state in Nigeria with the lowest poverty index of 8.5%. Lagos state was created on the 27th may, 1967. Once upon a time Lagos state was once a Nigeria Capital.

Lagos is located in the South Western Part of Nigeria. Though it has a small land mass with the territorial area of 351,861 hectares and population of over 10 million, it is the most developed state in Nigeria. In Nigeria you can find the highest urban population and it is made up of five administrative divisions there are Ikeja, Badagry, Ikorodu, Lagos (Eko) and Epe. In Nigeria Lagos state ia among one of the most important state, as it can stand on its own without any allocation from the government because Lagos make their IGR thought Tax from companies, citizens and business owners. It has some tourism sites which include Bar beach in Victoria island, Lekki beach in Apapa Tarkwa Bay and lots more which is also a major source of employment and this is playing a major role in its development. Lagos state stands at $4,333 for it’s per capital level while a total of $33.679 billion is recorded for its (GDP) Gross Domestic Product

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