How To Start Goat Farming In Nigeria


If you are feeding your goat high quality, fresh and nutritious food regularly, then rest a such that your production at the end of the year is going to be great because the goat will be so big that the price will tell itself. Always make such you feed your goat with fresh and nutritious food. Most successful people in the business make sure they feed their goat up to 12%- 18% of protein in a day.


Always ensure all types of veterinary services for your goats. If the service center become too far from your farm, then try to make a stock of some necessary medicines and vaccines in your farm or house. This is very important if you hope to keep the mortality at the lowest or completely eliminated. You can use Government agencies near you or appoint a private vet doctor.

Select A Suitable Farm Location

One of the most important thing is the location of your farm. During your process of selecting a land for goat farming make sure you have all these facilities near by
Select a land which is not too far from the town.
Find out if there is another farm located or not, near your selected location.
The place must have to be suitable enough to set up a pasture or grazing place.
A market near the farm land, so that you can easily buy necessary equipment.
Availability of all types of veterinary services.
Great source of fresh and clean water.
Good transportation facilities with the nearest market or town

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