How To Start Kerosene Business In Nigeria

Operating License

This also one of the most important thing that you need in starting your kerosense business. If you want to be able to operate legally and be able to get products from either the NNPC or independent marketers, you have to register with Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) and Petroleum Products Marketing Company. You have to get Register and have license it is very important if you are to purchasing more than 10,000 liters. But if you want to be dealing below that then is not to important for you register and obtain license. Some state before you open your kerosene business you will have to register with kerosene sellers association.

Storage Tanks

Another important aspect is storage facility. The Welders will construct a very good surface tank for you. Underground storage tanks are by far preferable because of its safety. Construct 10,000 liters volume tank but let them make it 10,500 liters to be able to accommodate all your Kerosene.

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