How To Subscribe Gotv On Android Phones In Nigeria

The time for you to go out to subscribe your GOtv is over, you can simply subscribe your GOtv at home with your your phone. Maybe you been asking how it is done be rest assured you are at the right place because here in supergist we will tell you how it is done. The tips and guide we will give you here will enable you to Subscribe with your phone without you having going to the office of the GOtv.


Subscribe Gotv Android Phone Nigeria

If you can subscribe with your phone is very important because it will save a lot of time and stress. The world is developing, things are changing and things are getting better and easy the world is turning digital where technology makes everything easy.

How To Subscribe For GOtv On Android Phone

Note you must have data subscription in your phone so that you can be enable to this.

Through Remita

Your decoder has to be switch on.

Log on to and and choose the GOtv bouquet that you want to subscribe for.

Put in your E-mail address, IUC number and enter your phone number.

Click next to go to the next page.

Fill the GOtv subscriber’s name and make sure that your IUC number was filled correctly.

The next step is for you to click PAY and click on your ATM card type i.e, Verve or MasterCard

Enter your ATM card details i.e The Card Number and Expiry Date as it is on your ATM card and then enter your 4 digit PIN

The last step is for you to click PAY after filling all that is required of you, and your GOtv account will be credited your viewing will be restored.

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