Top 10 Richest Comedian in Nigeria 2018

Richest Comedian in Nigeria

Many keep asking who is the best comedian in Nigeria is?, well that question don’t really have a answer because each of the Nigeria comedian are unique in their own way. The Nigeria comedian have make their name all the world.

Most of the Nigeria comedian are among the richest comedian in Africa. That show how far the Nigeria comedian has gone in the world.

However funny or stupid comedians appear, the fact is that they’re making waves with their hilarious nature and as God would have it, their bank accounts are heavily loaded with whopping sums of money. The  Richest Comedian in Nigeria was released by forbes . The list of comedian in Nigeria are a lot because in Nigeria we have a lot of comedian

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The comedian are loved for their creative abilities that make us cracking our ribs time over time and they have master their art of comedy. In this post we bring the list of the top 10 richest comedian in Nigeria 2018. Below are the list of Richest Comedian in Nigeria

The Top 10 Richest Comedian in Nigeria 2018, Net Worth, and Their Real Names


10 . Yaw

Real Name: Steve Onu

Stage Name: Yaw

He is a well known comedian and he is associated with a number of shows rom which he earns income such as radio presentations, event anchoring, MTN adverts, equipment leasing and many other enterprises. Yaw has got his own share among the elites.

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