Top 10 Richest Comedian in Nigeria 2018

5. AY


Real Name: Ayodeji Richard Makun

Stage Name: AY

Net worth: N800 Million

This comedian became known at a rate faster than what was being expected. His annual earnings are up to 280 million naira and he has an event company and MVP club. His performance fee is between 1 and 2 million naira for each event and he makes up to 160 million on a yearly basis through his AY live events programme. t is apparently surprising to imagine how AY became a prominent figure within a very short time. Through his popular AY live shows, has one of the highest yearly turnout for a comedy event in Nigeria. He is the CEO of Corporate World Entertainment in Nigeria and he became the US Peace Ambassador in 2009 after he won up to six awards in 2008. He hosts many live shows and his first movie was 30 Days In Atlanta. He hosts Africa’s largest comedy shows. He has also influenced a lot of upcoming comedians through his program known as Open Mic Challenge.

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