Top 20 Richest Club In The World

The Deloitte football money League ranking for 2016/2017 have  been announced with man utd still retaining top spot for the second year running. Manchester united has been named as the highest revenue generating club in the world for the tenth time with an income of €676 million (£581).

After winning the Europa League last season man untd was awarded €44.5m by UEFA which was over four time more than which Atletico Madrid received for claiming the same trophy in the 2012/2012 season which was enough to place them ahead of Real
Madrid who is in second.

The La liga giant won the Spanish top flight title in 16/17 season as well as the club world cup, the Spanish supercup and their second champions League in a role (The first club to win
champion League in a role)

Their success led to the club generating €674.6m (£579.7m) of revenue, Their success was not enough to surpass
Manchester united as the richest club. €1.7m margin was recorded
between the two superclubs

Ranked third was Barcelona in money League with a revenue of €648.3m (£557.1m), with Bayern Munich (€587.8m/£505.1m), completing the top five is Manchester City with (€527.7m/£453.5m).

A record ten English clubs feature in the top 20, generating a total revenue of €3.8bn, helped by the fact that 16-17season was the first season of the current record Premier League broadcast rights deal

Senior manager in the Sports Business Group at Deloitte, Tim Bridge comments “The Deloitte Football Money League has a particularly, English teams feel this year and with the new broadcast deal and UEFA competition performance driving broadcast revenue growth of over half a billion pounds for those in the top 20, it doesn’t come as a surprise. As the Premier League is currently in the middle of its rights tender for the next cycle from 2019/20, the results of this
will be crucial to determining the long term composition of the Money

Three clubs from Spain, three from Germany, three from
Italy and one from France feature in the top 20

One of the partner in the Sports Business Group at Deloitte Dan Jones said: “European football continues to flourish financially, with
almost half a billion Euro of revenue growth for the top 20 Money
League clubs. And at the top, we’ve seen the closest ever battle for
the top spot, with Manchester United pipping Real Madrid to retain
their title of the highest revenue generating club in the world.
United generated £581in 2016/17

In total, the combined revenue of the top 20 clubs grew six per cent
to €7.9bn, a new Money League record, but how do the clubs rank
overall? Supergist takes a look at the full list

20  EVERTON 2016-17 revenue: €199.2m | £171.2m.

19 NAPOLI2016-17 revenue: €200.7m | £172.5m

18 SOUTHAMPTON2016-17 revenue: €212.1m | £182.3m

17WWESTHAM 2016-17 revenue: €213.3m | £183.3m

16 SCHALKE 2016-17 revenue: €230.2m | £197.8m

15INTER 2016-17 revenue: €262.1m | £225.2m

14 LEICESTER CITY 2016-17 revenue: €271.1m | £233m

13 ATLETICO MADRID 2016-17 revenue: €272.5m | £234.2m

12 BORUSSIA DORTMUND 2016-17 revenue: €332.6m | £285.8m

11 TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR 2016-17 revenue: €355.6m | £305.6m

10 JUVENTUS 2016-17 revenue: €405.7m | £348.6m

9 LIVERPOOL 2016-17 revenue: €424.2m | £364.5m

8 CHELSEA 2016-17 revenue: €428m | £367.8m

7 PARIS SAINT-GERMAIN 2016-17 revenue: €486.2m | £417.8m

6 ARSENAL 2016-17 revenue: €487.6m | £419m

5 MANCHESTER CITY2016-17 revenue: €527.7m | £453.5m

4 BAYERN MUNICH2016-17 revenue: €587.8m | £505.1m3

BARCELONA 2016-17 revenue: €648.3m | £557.1m

2 REAL MADRID 2016-17 revenue: €674.6m | £579.7m

1 MANCHESTER UNITED2016-17 revenue: €676.3m | £581.2m

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